Bordeaux 2015 Futures - Order Now!

Victor ZinfandelIf you love the unique blend of power and finesse, fruit and herb/tobacco/cedar complexity that Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot only achieve in Bordeaux, then 2015 is a vintage you’ll want to own.  And, if you have a 2015 birth, marriage, or other major event to commemorate, then Bordeaux 2015 is definitely for you. The best way to get the most value in 2015 is to buy now while the better wines are still resting in barrel or bottling tank.  You’ll have the chance to lock in your selections now and – given past history – save anywhere from 10-30% off the cost of the wines once they actually arrive.  See the offer and details here.

A Pair of "Cork Pullers" from The Southern Rhone!

Two delicious Rhone reds, one a more serious Vacqueyras for fine food and cellaring, the other named in French the "cork puller" (corkscrew).  One taste of d'Ourea Tire Bouchon, and we know you'll be pulling lots of these corks!  See both here.

Great Gruner! Gmork 2015 Arrives, Flies Out The Door!

St Innocent Freedom Hill

As the Washington Post says, Austria's 2015 vintage is a a barn-burner and the Gruners “are among the best white wines in the world in terms of value and quality."  Gmork is, once again, the best of the best.  On sale this week from $9.98.

Perfect Cookout/ Dinner Party Red from $15.98!

Rose Dieu Plan de Dieu

It's back - but not for long.  The best-selling Austrian red in store history returns with it's 91 point rating, juicy red and black fruit, and spicy kiss of oak.  Just 10cs left for the vintage (hot off the boat from Austria).  Grab it right now!