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Stop by for our weekend free tastings and check back here often for our wine class schedule, wine dinners and festivals through out the year, including our One Sip at a Time series.

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Pre-Labor Day Tastings – Treats Open Every Day!

As part of our huge End of Summer Extra Savings Sale, we’ll have at least 2 wines open every day this week and then showcase 5 different wines each day on Friday (from 3-7pm) and Saturday (noon-4pm).  Everything from $6.98 values (before your extra savings!) to $30+ special occasion bottles will pop up on the tasting table this week.  Come by every day – you’ll be able to taste something new all week long!

Napa Cabernet Class 9/1 and New Fall Wine Classes

Our new fall/early winter class schedule ranges from California to Portugal, from Piemonte and Tuscany, to – of course – Champagne. And, in early October, we’ll help you explore how food and wine change each other as we launch a brand new food/wine pairing class. You can see our current fall schedule below. 

Call, email or visit the store to reserve your seats today to ensure a tasty start to fall! 

Owner Andrew Tow Introduces The Withers, Cool Climate California Excitement
Thursday, Sept. 17, 7pm - Course Fee $30

In July, Andrew Tow introduced us to some of the most exciting California Pinot Noir and Rhone Ranger blends we've tasted in quite some time.  Join us and Andrew on September 17 and you'll quickly see why we're so excited to be the first local retailer to carry these beauties.

Andrew is a New York-based wine lover with a deep appreciation for food-friendly, vibrant, California wines - and an equally deep appreciation for how hard it is to find them!  He partnered with Anthill Farms owner/winemaker David Low to create this project focusing on high elevation, cool-climate, wines from sites in the sierra Foothills, Anderson and Green Valleys, and the Sonoma Coast.  Just a few vintages into the project, the praise has already started, and is very well deserved!  Across the board, we found The Withers wines to be pure, balanced and food-friendly, but still brimming with ripe California fruit and fun.

Come join Andrew and us and see for yourself.  Andrew will pour and discuss nine wines from The Withers:

Rose El Durado 2014

Pinot Noir English Hills Sonoma Coast 2013
Pinot Noir Peter's Vyd Sonoma Coast 2013
Pinot Noir Charlie's Vyd Anderson Valley 2013

Bel Canto Sierra Foothills 2013 (Grenache/Mourvedre/Syrah)
Bel Canto Sierra Foothills 2010 (Grenache/Mourvedre/Syrah)
Ruben Sierra Foothills 2013 (Mourvedre/Syrah)
Mr. Burgess Sierra Foothills 2013 (Syrah/Grenache/Mourvedre)
Mr. Burgess Sierra Foothills 2010 (Syrah/Grenache/Mourvedre)

This is a rare opportunity to get to know these very small production (from less than 100 to just a few hundred cases each) wines from an exciting new California project. You'll enjoy both light snacks with the wines and special discounts on the limited amount of each wine available.  Call, email, or stop by the store to join us today!


Other Fall Classes

Foolin’ Around With Flavor:  A Food/Wine Experience – Sunday, Oct. 11 ($20) – Our own Diane McMartin will put her degree from the Culinary Institute of America Greystone facility in Napa to work as she leads you in this highly interactive exploration of how food changes wine and wine changes food.

Benchmark Port and Dry Reds from Warre’s – Thursday, Oct. 15 ($30):  Rui Ribeiro, export manager for Symington Family Ports, will lead us on an exploration of classic Ports and very modern and exciting dry wines from the legendary Warre’s.

Barbaresco and Beyond with Sori Baitin Winemaker Giovanni Pasquero-Elia – Wednesday, Oct. 28 ($40) – The wines at this benchmark Piemonte house are better than ever, but the prices remain very reasonable indeed.   Join winemaker Giovanni Pasquero-Elia as we sample Arneis, Barbera, Dolcetto, Langhe Nebbiolo and four different Barbareco.

Chianti and Beyond: A Tour of Tuscan Sangiovese – Tuesday, Nov. 10 ($30) – We think of Tuscany as the home of Sangiovese, but you’ll be shocked by just how much variety this classic Italian grape shows depending on where it’s grown.  Vino Nobile di Montepulciano, Super-Tuscans, Brunello di Montalcino, Chianti from 4 different regions and more – all distinctive and all very, very, delicious.

The Annual Champagne Celebration – Thursday, Dec. 3 and Sunday, Dec. 27 ($50) – Our most popular class of the year (so much so that we had to do it 3 times last year!).  Grower Champagne, Grand Marques, and everything in between along with very celebratory nibbles.


Call 703.356.6500 or email wineteam@chainbridgecellars.com. Watch our web site and your email box for updates soon!

One Sip at a Time - Fall Classes are Here ...

One Sip at a Time classes focus on wine basics like how to taste, evaluate, and talk about wine, while helping you identify the wines and flavors you enjoy most. Join us for the full series or come by for a class or two.

Core classes take place the second Thursday of each month at 7:15 pm. In addition, you can sign up for "Deep Dives" into some of the world's greatest grapes on six Sundays throughout the year. (For our other wine classes, featuring winemakers, importers, wine regions and food and wine pairing, see this schedule.)

Reserve your seats by calling us at 703.356.6500, emailing us at wineteam@chainbridgecellars.com, or just stopping by the store.


Six (Other) Whites You Should Know 
Second Thursday of September (Sept. 10, 2015), 7:15 pm, $25

No Chardonnay. Not a taste of Sauvignon Blanc. Nope, we’re going to delve into some of the world’s most interesting whites, many of which come from grapes you’ve never heard of! Sure, we’ll play with Pinot Gris and rock out with Riesling, but we’ll also get to know Verdejo, sip on Chenin, and…well, you get the drift. A chance to explore some of the world’s most versatile, delicious, and great value whites.

Pinot Noir - A One Sip at a Time Deep Dive
Sunday, Sept. 20, 2015, 5:00 pm, $25

Delicate and ephemeral, difficult and expensive to grow, Pinot Noir is the diva of the grape world. Maybe that’s why we love it so much? In this Deep-Dive One Sip at a Time class you’ll get to explore this complex, aromatic grape. You’ll taste everything from earthy red Burgundy to plush California Pinot, and maybe even find that elusive, delicious, great Pinot Noir for less than $20.

Hey, Wait A Minute: That’s Sweet! 
Second Thursday of October (Oct. 8, 2015), 7:15 pm, $25

We know, we know. “I don’t like sweet wines” is something we hear every day. But, have you ever tried a sweet-and-tangy Loire Chenin Blanc with a little mousse pate? Or, a golden Semillon/Sauvignon Blanc blend with bleu cheese? Or, perhaps most wonderful of all, a nutty, caramel-infused barrel-aged sweetie with toasted nuts? Come give these beauties a try, and you may just find yourself sweetly convinced!

Riesling - A One Sip at a Time Deep Dive
Sunday, Nov. 1, 2015, 5:00 pm, $25

One of the world’s most misunderstood grapes, Riesling is beloved by sommeliers, but causes an involuntary nose-wrinkling in most consumers. Wind down the weekend with a look at this surprisingly versatile grape. From bone-dry Australian Rieslings with racy acidity to unctuous German examples that are about as far away from Blue Nun as you could imagine, you’ll taste all that Riesling has to offer.

Six (Other) Reds You Should Know
Second Thursday of November (Nov. 12, 2015), 7:15 pm, $25

Cabernet and Pinot Noir…not going to be in your glass! Instead, we’re going to explore a world of flavor and fun with some of the world’s other great red grapes. These are some of our favorite food and sipping friendly reds, some from “important” grapes you may have tried before and others from a bit off the beaten path. A world of interesting, delicious, and often super value reds away your discovery.

Cheap vs. Expensive: Which Do You Really Prefer?
Second Thursday of December (Dec. 10, 2014), 7:15 pm, $25

The Grand Finale: A blind tasting! Sample four pairs of wines “blind.” One will be a $12-$15 value; the other a $25-$40 star. Can you tell them apart? And which do you prefer? In this festive session, you’ll learn why wines cost what they do and tricks for getting the most wine for your hard-earned dollar. And you’ll find out how much a price tag may influence your preferences – One Sip at a Time.

Note: Registration for this class opens to the general public on Dec. 1. Registration before Dec. 1 restricted to One Sip at a Time Passport holders and attendees of at least four other 2015 One Sip at a Time sessions.