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Sometimes it’s fun to try something different – just “mix it up” a bit. So, we’ve put together a range of Wine Samplers that can make your journey of wine exploration easier, more fun – and even less expensive than usual!

All of our Samplers are full of wines we love and would love you to try. And, Samplers are always priced at great value savings. Each sampler comes with tasting notes for all of the wines – great for you and great as gifts!


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Case Sampler - $99 Winter Warmer Sampler 29204 Product #29204 (In Stock)
Case Sampler - $99 Winter Warmer Sampler 29204 Case Sampler - $99 Winter Warmer Sampler 29204

Here’s a set of great value wines sure to provide warmth and delight on a cold winter’s night.  We’ve chosen a dozen favorite whites and reds that pair perfectly with hearty winter foods, rich soups, or just sipping by the fireplace.  With wines this good in your wine rack, you won’t even mind being snowed in for a day or two!  And, at our great value price, you’ll have enough cash left over to buy a warmer sweater if you need one!

Sample Price (12) : $99.98/ea
Case Sampler - 90 Points 29151 Product #29151 (In Stock)
Case Sampler - 90 Points 29151 Case Sampler - 90 Points 29151

Like any good wine merchant, we hope you'll look to us for suggestions, recommendations, and ideas for fantastic new wines to try. But, sometimes it's fun to try the wines the "press" is all about -- wines that have earned 90 points or more from major critics around the world. So, we've put together a case of great wines - 6 reds and 6 whites - that have big scores and that deliver stunning value. Every wine in this 12 bottle sampler earned at least 90 points, and all deliver 100% pleasure and excitement.

Note: We reserve the right to substitute comparable 90 point wines for those listed below based on availability -- these samplers often sell out fast! To confirm the specific wines in your sampler, just call us at 703.356.6500 or email us at

Sample Price (12) : $199.98/ea