Wine Samplers

Sometimes it’s fun to try something different – just “mix it up” a bit. So, we’ve put together a range of Wine Samplers that can make your journey of wine exploration easier, more fun – and even less expensive than usual!

All of our Samplers are full of wines we love and would love you to try. And, Samplers are always priced at great value savings. Each sampler comes with tasting notes for all of the wines – great for you and great as gifts!


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Case Sampler - $99 Extravaganza 31171 Product #31171 (In Stock)
Case Sampler - $99 Extravaganza 31171 Case Sampler - $99 Extravaganza 31171

Here's an extravagant gift (or treat for yourself) at a not too extravagant price!  We've selected 12 great wines - six each red and white - sure to please any wine lover whether novice or pro.  The sampler features big, bold, reds perfect for warming up a cold winter's evening and bright, fresh, whites to refresh anyone after a hard day's play.  Includes notes on each wine.  A great value!  See all the wines in this sampler here.

Sample Price (12) : $99.98/ea
Case Sampler - Big Bold Red Sampler 30661 Product #30661 (In Stock)
Case Sampler - Big Bold Red Sampler 30661 Case Sampler - Big Bold Red Sampler 30661

A dozen of the richest, most powerful, reds you’ll find anywhere to enjoy with grilled steak, roast lamb, or any other hearty fare - or just by themselves with friends.  All highly rated, with reviews and tasting notes on each wine included.

Sample Price (12) : $249.98/ea