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Blenheim Chardonnay Virginia 2014 Product #30629 (In Stock)
Blenheim Chardonnay Virginia 2014 Blenheim Chardonnay Virginia 2014

A really charming and delicious Chardonnay from just outside Charlottesville, this is all estate grown fruit aged in tank and a mix of French, American, and Hungarian oak. Punches all the Chardonnay buttons - crisp apple, ripe pear, toasted hazelnut, and just a kiss of oak - but isn't buttery or heavy at just 12.5% abv.  Finishes with fine energy and a touch of sweet spice.

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Barboursville Viognier Reserve 2014 Product #30274 (In Stock)
Barboursville Viognier Reserve 2014 Barboursville Viognier Reserve 2014

A fine follow-up to the Wine Advocate 90 point 2013 - that review is on point here, too: "Fresh, lively, reasonably dense and aromatic, this is completely charming and it comes in at a nice price. The fruit is flavorful on the finish and there is a hint of lemon around the edges. It seems rather lively in its youth. Don't hesitate to dive in–but it will drink great for several years, too."

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Glen Manor Sauvignon Blanc 2015 Product #31061 (In Stock)
Glen Manor Sauvignon Blanc 2015 Glen Manor Sauvignon Blanc 2015

As we've said for years, the best SB in the state here.

"The 2015 Sauvignon Blanc is unoaked, bone dry and comes in at 13.8% alcohol. Sourced from 20-year-old vines, it had no malolactic fermentation. Glen Manor was my favorite Virginia Sauv Blanc producer on my first look at VA wines. This is no different. It is serious Sauv Blanc, focused and penetrating, with all of those veggie notes on the finish, a hint of asparagus and broccoli. Yet, it does manage to keep it under control and it is also elegantly crafted. If you're a Sauv Blanc hater--yes, I can't believe those exist, either!--you won't like it. But others will find this beautifully crafted, solid, fresh and appropriately pungent. There is less grass on the nose than green on the palate. That's the style. It is very fine in that style. I really liked the winery's reds this issue, the best group I've seen. This is arguably still their best wine and one of Virginia's best Sauvignon Blancs."Wine Advocate 91 points

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