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Bricco Dei Tati Cortese Piemonte 2012 Product #28090 (In Stock)

Cortese is best known as the grape of Gavi, but it's grown seldom as interesting as this! This wine is surprisingly complex on the nose, although we struggled to put it to words. Think of smelling an herbal infusion with lemon, honey, and lavender on a sunny day. (Fanciful, but it's the best I could do!) In the mouth the wine is clean and crisp with notes of lemon, bees wax, and fresh herbs complicated by something hard to describe but vaguely grapefruity. finishes clean and fresh with just a hint of green apple. this is going to be our "go to" for picnics, cold seafood salads, and simple chicken dishes. A whole lotta wine for the money.

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