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Josef Bauer Joe's Rose 2015 Product #30897 (In Stock)
Josef Bauer Joe's Rose 2015 Josef Bauer Joe's Rose 2015

A joyful, delicious, rosé that benefits from Josef Bauer’s very own “secret sauce.” While Austria is still best known in the USA for juicy, peppery, whites made from Riesling or Grüner Veltliner, regions like the Wagram can produce red wines every bit as fine as the whites.  And, where fine red and outstanding white wines grow, why not rosé too!

Joesef Bauer starts his rosé with a big dollop of Austria’s own Zweigelt grape, lightly pressing it to get pale pink juicy redolent of crushed cherries, berry blossom and more.  Then, a 20% or so dose of Cabernet rosé gives the wine some freshness and structure and adds a refreshing bundle of dried herb.  Last, a small vineyard of “Merlot” (that’s what Joe ordered and what the box from the nursery said!) gives the wine a big dose of fresh strawberry and a round, almost creamy, texture more commonly found in Grenache-based wines from Provence.  There’s a bit more cherry fruit and berry blossom aromatics here than in most Provençal wines, and plenty of juicy, fresh, crisp refreshment.

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Josef Bauer Gruner Veltliner Ried Spiegel 2015 Product #30898 (In Stock)
Josef Bauer Gruner Veltliner Ried Spiegel 2015 Josef Bauer Gruner Veltliner Ried Spiegel 2015

Joe harvests this wine from a stunning vineyard running along the higher part of Wagram’s hill.  The old, very fine, windblown glacial soil called loess is deep here and provides the of water and nutrients Grüner needs for rich ripeness and texture.  But, the red pebbles lacing the soil give the wine lift and add snappy minerality.

Opens with big aromatics of green apple, ripe pear, chalky minerality and a spice note that comes entirely from Grüner and the soils (no oak on this wine at all).  In your month you’ll find it fleshy and mouthfilling, but with loads of lift and freshness to the sweet pear, roasted Clementine, and spice flavors.  A hint of something green and crunchy – Granny Smith?  Young celery? – gives the flavors a nice snap on the palate and right on through the crisp, dry, finish.  By all means drink this all by itself just for the joy of it, but try it with summer salads or crisp steamed snap peas.

As the Washington Post just said, this is a wine to "Upgrade a Summer's Eve."  "'Ried' is a new Austrian designation denoting a single-vineyard wine. This racy example has great focus and length, refreshing acidity and an appealing citrus character to pair well with all sorts of seafood. GREAT VALUE. **1/2 Exceptional/Excellent, Washington Post

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