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La Formica Valpolicella Superiore 2010 Product #27212 (In Stock)
La Formica Valpolicella Superiore 2010 La Formica Valpolicella Superiore 2010

Like most modern Valpolicella, Corvina makes up the backbone of this bright, fresh, wine with dashes of other traditional grapes – Rondinella and Oseleta – for spice.  But, nearly 40% of the wine is Corvinone, a grape long thought to be just a clone of Corvina.  Here, it adds a unique, captivating, herbal note that takes Corvina’s crunch red fruits to a whole new level!

After hand harvesting, all of the Valpolicella grapes are lightly air dried to concentrate their flavors, and then fermented and aged all in tank.  On the nose, plenty of Valpolicella’s classic red fruit and floral aromas but with an extra kick of fresh herb and leafy tobacco.  Bold, ripe, strawberry and sweet cherry fruit takes center stage in your mouth with notes of spice, garrigue, and pipe tobacco adding complexity and interest.  The fruit flavors are fresh and crunchy but the texture round and easy to enjoy, with notes of tangy cherry, pomegranate and herb on the mouthwatering finish.  Give it a chill and it will quench your thirst on a hot afternoon, but it will be even better with cured or grilled meats!

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