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Clua Mas D'en Pol Blanca 2012 Product #27300 (In Stock)
Clua Mas D'en Pol Blanca 2012 Clua Mas D'en Pol Blanca 2012

Maybe it’s the great 2012 vintage (a winner in pretty much all of Europe), or perhaps it’s a little more rigorous vineyard work or a touch more sophistication in the blend.  Or, it could just be that Xavier left Muscat out of the blend this year.  Whatever the cause, this is far and away my favorite release of this sophisticated but crowd-pleasing white ever.

Xavier makes this from Grenache Blanc, Chardonnay and a dash of Sauvignon Blanc grown in the rocky, hard-to-work, vineyards of Terra Alta.  Fermented cool in tank and bottled without ever touching a barrel, it delivers just the right balance of luscious nectarine and tangy pineapple fruit with hints of lemon grass and lime pith.  Round, generous, and mouthfilling, the real excitement here is on the back palate and finish where a burst of selzer, chalk, and briny mineral emerges under the mouthwatering acidity.  A refreshing white you’ll love sipping on the back deck with nibbles and enjoy even more with shellfish, sausage, or paella.  Just a winner all around.

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Clua El Sola D' En Pol Rosado 2013 Product #28634 (In Stock)
Clua El Sola D' En Pol Rosado 2013 Clua El Sola D' En Pol Rosado 2013

We love how Terra Alta's Xavier Clue delivers juicy, ripe, fresh balance in all his wines - including this lovely 2013 Rosado.  A blend of Garnacha and Syrah, it's dry, fresh and a little tangy with clean flavors of red berries, strawberry, and pink and green citrus. It's mouthfilling and plenty powerful, but also light on it's feet and mouthwatering on the long, fruit and stone, finish.

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