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Clua Mas D'en Pol Blanca 2012 Product #27300 (In Stock)
Clua Mas D'en Pol Blanca 2012 Clua Mas D'en Pol Blanca 2012

Maybe it’s the great 2012 vintage (a winner in pretty much all of Europe), or perhaps it’s a little more rigorous vineyard work or a touch more sophistication in the blend.  Or, it could just be that Xavier left Muscat out of the blend this year.  Whatever the cause, this is far and away my favorite release of this sophisticated but crowd-pleasing white ever.

Xavier makes this from Grenache Blanc, Chardonnay and a dash of Sauvignon Blanc grown in the rocky, hard-to-work, vineyards of Terra Alta.  Fermented cool in tank and bottled without ever touching a barrel, it delivers just the right balance of luscious nectarine and tangy pineapple fruit with hints of lemon grass and lime pith.  Round, generous, and mouthfilling, the real excitement here is on the back palate and finish where a burst of selzer, chalk, and briny mineral emerges under the mouthwatering acidity.  A refreshing white you’ll love sipping on the back deck with nibbles and enjoy even more with shellfish, sausage, or paella.  Just a winner all around.

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Clua El Sola D'en Pol Barrica Tinto 2009 Product #27287 (In Stock)
Clua El Sola D'en Pol Barrica Tinto 2009 Clua El Sola D'en Pol Barrica Tinto 2009

Xavier Clua is among the most celebrated wine makers in the up-and-coming Terra Alta region, just southwest of Priorat. Born into a family with over four generations in wine making, Xavier is producing outstanding wines from carefully tended old-vine vineyards and a judicious blending of modern technology (temperature control, stainless) and wine making tradition (old basket presses and minimal intervention).  The Mas d'en Pol Negre Barrica is a blend of Garnacha, Syrah, Cabernet, and Merlot that receives about eight months aging in French oak barrels.  Aromas of black raspberry and balsamic with just a touch of slate lead to a rich, black-fruited, palate  with a nice red raspberry tang.  Sweet/sour berry fruit turns tangier on the juicy finish.  Great energy and freshness here to go with the rich aromas and flavors.

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Clua Mas D'en Pol Negre 2010 Product #24898 (In Stock)
Clua Mas D'en Pol Negre  2010 Clua Mas D'en Pol Negre  2010

Xavier Clua does it again!  The newest release of this unaoked red from Terra Alta is better than ever.  On the nose it shows dark black plum and super-ripe black raspberry fruit with a hint of earth - reminiscent of a first class Ribera del Duro.  It's medium bodied and fresh on the attack with black raspberry fruit, some crisp sweet cherry, and a little blood orange citrus element.  The fruit is sweet and ripe but stays fresh, not jammy or overripe.  The finish shows more raspberry and a dash of black cherry with some sweet spice and fine, ripe, tannin.  You can drink this today simply for the fruit and freshness or give it a little time (a year or two) to gain even more complexity  Not a blockbuster at all, but easy as pie to drink!  A blend of 50% Garnatxa Negra, 20% Syrah, 15% Merlot, 15% Cabernet Sauvignon.

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Clua Milliennium Tinto 2008 Product #27332 (In Stock)
Clua Milliennium Tinto 2008 Clua Milliennium Tinto 2008

Once again, a simply absurd amount of complexity and class for a wine from Terra Alta - but that's normal for Xavier Clua!  This is his top wine, made only in the best vintages from Garantxa, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Merlot and Pinot Noir - and, even though it's only 5% of the wine, the Pinot Noir shows through in this release.  Big, ripe, aromas and flavors of red and black fruits, lavender, fresh meat, and warm stones run through the wine.  Despite the size, it's elegantly structured, almost Pinot-like, with a silky texture and juicy, fresh, acidity.  Has the length and balance to improve for 5+ years, but  already delicious, especially with grilled duck or pork.

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