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Jean Paul Brun Beaujolais Vielles Vignes L'Ancien 2013 Product #29202 (In Stock)
Jean Paul Brun Beaujolais Vielles Vignes L'Ancien 2013 Jean Paul Brun Beaujolais Vielles Vignes L'Ancien 2013

Jean-Paul Brun is one of Beaujolais elite producers, tending his vineyards naturally (and insanely low yields) and making Gamay wine as if it were fine Burgundy.  This cuvee from 40-50 year-old vines is breathtaking, with layers of blueberry, blackberry, fresh fig, warm stone, and meadow flower aromas and flavors.  Ripe and richly textured, but with plenty of cut and a brisk, clean, finish.  Roast a chicken and drink this. Life will be good.

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Dom De Bel-Air Fleurie 2012 Product #27762 (In Stock)

Wines like this are why Beaujolais is such an underappreciated category.  Aromas of fresh raspberries and violets invite you to take a sip.  On the palate, it's filled with ripe berry fruit, vibrant acidity, and just enough tannin to hold the whole thing together.  Fresh and juicy, yet sophisticated enough for a dinner party, it's a wine that will make you smile.

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Jules Desjourneys L'interdit (Fleurie 2008) Product #28515 (In Stock)
Jules Desjourneys L'interdit (Fleurie 2008) Jules Desjourneys L'interdit (Fleurie 2008)

Denied the AOC for a touch too much VA, this wine sizzles and sparks as the tangy flavors run across your palate.

“The wine that will be known as 2008 Desjourneys is none other than Duperray’s 2008 Fleurie – combining Chapelle des Bois and Les Moriers – that was refused appellation and so is officially, merely, “vin de France.” Believe me, this is “vin de France” in the same sense that Debussy signed many of his late masterpieces “musicien francais.” The high-toned floral, herbal, and fruit distillate esters that memorably marked the Chapelle des Bois from cask as well as the black tea-tinged and more bittersweetly herbal and concentrated dark berries of the original Les Moriers, have been preserved in this marriage. This finishes with mouthwatering salinity and a tenacious, almost Gewurztraminer-like meld of brown spices concentrated floral and herbal essences. I would anticipate it being worth following for half a dozen years, but on no account should it be missed earlier-on.” Wine Advocate 93 points

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