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Dom De La Patience Merlot 2011 Product #28723 (In Stock)
Dom De La Patience Merlot 2011 Dom De La Patience Merlot 2011

Organic Grapes  This Langeudoc estate not far from the famous Roman bridge, Pont du Gard, takes its name from a wild aromatic herb called "La Patience" that grows through the vineyard.  And that fresh herbal note runs through this delicious Merlot, too!  You'll find generous aromas of wild berry, raspberry, and baked strawberry fruit with seductive accents of dark chocolate and crushed herb. As the fruit gets more lush and powerful, a classic Langeudoc note of black olive emerges over the soft, juicy, blackberry fruit lingering on the finish.  Fun stuff to serve at a party or enjoy with grilled pork tenderloin!

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14 Hands Merlot 2011 Product #27756 (In Stock)
14 Hands Merlot 2011 14 Hands Merlot 2011

One of the top 20 wine-by-the-glass offerings in US restaurants, 14 Hands Merlot is also a big favorite in the store!  This soft, almost juicy, Merlot is packed with cherry and red berry fruit and just a dash of wood spice and classic Merlot herbs.  The wine is round and well-focused, and a perfect match with just about any weeknight meal.

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Leese-fitch Merlot 2012 Product #28356 (In Stock)
Leese-fitch Merlot 2012 Leese-fitch Merlot 2012

"With brambly purple color, the vanilla notes burst from the glass. Then the aroma turns towards strawberry jam, plum, and crushed cardamom. The mouth fills with flavors of ripe black raspberry, sweetened cranberry cocktail, fresh summer cherries, toasted almond, and summer plums. The finish has layers of vanilla bean from a combination of French and American oak with a touch of complexity from notes of Brazil nut and sweet raspberry cordial. The acidity keeps the wine bright while the fruit flavors bounce between sweet and tart." Winery Notes

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Parcel 41 Merlot Napa Valley 2012 Product #28384 (In Stock)
Parcel 41 Merlot Napa Valley 2012 Parcel 41 Merlot Napa Valley 2012

"Parcel 41" was the original surveyor's designation for this winery's site in Napa, and the wine is a touch "old school" too! It's rock solid, right down the middle, Napa Merlot with flavors and aromas of redcurrant, coffee, vanilla and herb.  The texture is plump and soft in the middle before fine, firm, tannin comes up on the lightly creamy finish. Easy to like and drink on its own or with lamb or beef.

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Joseph Carr Merlot Napa 2011 Product #28699 (In Stock)
Joseph Carr Merlot Napa 2011 Joseph Carr Merlot Napa 2011

We don't see this nearly often enough - a super-star winemaker who could easily fill his days (and pocketbook) doing just his own wines and consulting for a few high-end boutiques rolling up his sleeves, digging in, and making California wine you can afford to drink everyday.  The winemaker is Aaron Pott - Food & Wine Magazine's Winemaker of the Year in 2012 - and his partner is former sommelier Joseph Carr.  Together, Aaron and Joseph are creating a line of fresh and food-friendly wines with plenty of Napa Character and style - but just about one-third of the price!

When you've starred as head winemaker for St. Emilion's Ch La Tour Figeac, you  know a little something about great Merlot. Winemaker Aaron Pott brings that expertise to bear on this blend of Merlot from Napa's Yountville and Oak Knoll regions.  Very pretty aromas of dark chocolate, blackberry and fresh herb lead to a plump, soft (but shapely) mouthful of cocoa, mint, plum, sweet cherry and savory mushroom flavors.  The finish is smooth and fresh and stylish, especially for a wine at this price.  Great value.

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Shafer Merlot Napa 2011 Product #27910 (In Stock)
Shafer Merlot Napa 2011 Shafer Merlot Napa 2011

The 2011 Shafer Merlot continues this wine's always outstanding quality but also reflects the cool, cloudy, vintage.  Rich aromas of dark roasted coffee bean, black cherry, plum and baking spice.  Then elegant and easy in the mouth with mellow flavors of black currant and cherry, sweet spice, smoke, and espresso.  The light, dusty, tannins provide just the right support for buttery beef but don't get in the way of solo sipping.

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