Best Sancerre You’ve Ever Tasted (the White is Outstanding, too!)

Many of you first encountered Bernard Fleuriet’s work when we introduced you to the white Sancerre from the family’s second estate, Renaissance.  Those wines showcased the very best application of barrel to Sauvignon Blanc we’ve ever smelled or tasted – and giving how much you bought, clearly you agreed!

These wines are from Fleuriet’s home estate and showcase a different facet of his talent and style.  The Sancerre Cote de Marloup 2014 comes from some of their finest Sauvignon Blanc vines growing on soils of silex, Kimmeridgian limestone, and white chalk.  In concrete egg, the wine gently circulates itself during fermentation and aging, building a wonderful richness of texture while retaining purity and cut.  The tiny amount of air that passes through the concrete helps the amazing truffle notes emerge without any lemony/nutty oxidization.  It’s at once utterly classic and utterly unique.

And then there’s the Pinot Noir.  Asked to describe Sancerre Rouge, most wine professionals summon up words like light, fresh, fruity and charming.  In his 2015 Sancerre Rouge Anthocyane, Fleuriet is after something else entirely.  Profoundly ripe, old-vine, Pinot Noir gets an intense 25 days of fermentation and maceration – not the 5-7 days “fruity” Sancerre normally sees.  Then it spends 14 months in 50% new French oak from the same very high-end barrel maker Jean-Michel Guillon uses for most of his 1er Cru reds.

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Dom Bernard Fleuriet Sancerre Cote De Marloup 2014 Product #33248 (In Stock)
Dom Bernard Fleuriet Sancerre Cote De Marloup 2014 Dom Bernard Fleuriet Sancerre Cote De Marloup 2014

Bernard Fleuriet's wines from his second winery, Renaissance, were the most impressive Sancerre whites we featured in 2017 and showcase the absolute best use of wood with Sauvignon Blanc we've ever tasted.  In this wine from silex, Kimmeridgian limestone, and white chalk soils, Bernard takes a different approach.  No oak here, but an amazing complexity and texture from fermentation and aging in concrete egg.

You'll spend a lot of time just sniffing here, enjoying the kaleidoscope of lemon pith, mango, green pineapple, passion fruit and bold white truffle aromas.  Every dip into the glass delivers something new, as does every sip.  Vivid and complex on the palate, the flavors of white citrus, lemon/lime pith, delicate truffle, slate and smoky "gun flint" ride a texture at once round and brilliantly precise.  And the finish is simply huge, and long, and captivating.  Sancerre for rich cheeses, lobster, buttered mushrooms and more.

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Dom Bernard Fleuriet Sancerre Rouge Anthocyanes 2015 Product #33249 (In Stock)
Dom Bernard Fleuriet Sancerre Rouge Anthocyanes 2015 Dom Bernard Fleuriet Sancerre Rouge Anthocyanes 2015

Forget light, quaffable, simply fruity Sancerre Rouge. This is majestic, old-vine, Pinot Noir that reminds you that Sancerre was almost entirely planted to red grapes until phylloxera wiped them out and vineyards were planted to easier-to-grow Sauvignon Blanc.  As importer Olivier Daubresse says, Bernard Fleuriet reminds us of Burgundy's Jean-Michel Guillon in work ethic, commitment to excellence, and passion for impeccable winemaking.  Here beautifully ripe and concentrated Pinot Noir spends a full 25 days in vat (vs 5-8 days for most Sancerre Rouge) before aging 14 months in highest quality, 50% new, French oak (from a cooper favored by Guillon).  Serious and seriously delicious.

"Old-vine Pinot Noir has produced a rich structured wood-aged wine. With its opulent texture and ripe full-bodied cherries and red plums, the wine is poised and generous. Drink this impressive wine from 2018."Wine Enthusiast 94 points

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