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Rich Cali Chardonnay, Bold Tuscan Reds, And One Great Pinot Noir - Free Tastings Friday and Saturday, June 23 and 24

Summer is unfolding pretty nicely so far – at least this week – and we think this weekend’s tasting will unfold nicely, too.  We’ll taste five wines on Friday including our featured trio of Tuscan gems from Castello La Leccia and Effort Chardonnay.  Then, on Saturday only, a treat for all Willamette Valley Pinot fans:  the 95 point Beaux Freres Pinot Noir Upper Terrace 2014. 

With some great Italian wines open both days, we’re also featuring summer’s perfect cheese – milky, creamy, decadent Burrata!  Take the freshest whole milk Mozzarella cheese and wrap it around barely set  Stracciatea and cream and you've got an oooy, gooy, perfect partner for summer tomatoes.  And nothing's better with Burrata than a great olive oil, so our favorite Ariston Extra Virgin Olive Oil is going to be out to sample and on sale, too.

With the cheese, olive oil, and perhaps a little tomato, enjoy these exciting wines:

Strauss Pinot Blanc 2016 – We know you didn’t get up this morning thinking, “Austrian Pinot Blanc – that’s what I need!”  But one taste of this apple, pear and plum laden beauty with its crisp, clean, and very long finish and we think “Austrian Pinot Blanc” will be on your mind for a while!

Center of Effort Chardonnay “Effort” Edna Valley 2015 – The best all-around California Chardonnay we’ve tasted this year!  Rich and deeply fruited but also pure and refreshing with a just-right touch of wood from aging in French oak, acacia wood and concrete.  Wine Enthusiast Editors’ Choice and 91 points!

Three from Tuscany’s Castello La Leccia – A great chance to experience three different takes on Italy’s most famous wine:  Chianti Classico.  First, a Toscana Rosso made from wine that could have been Chianti but was bottled after just a short stay in wood. Then a true Chianti Classico with fantastic purity, fruit and drive.  Last, a majestic, rich and powerful Chianti Classico Riserva.  All different, all delicious!

Then, on Saturday only, finish with a very grand finale:

Beaux Freres Pinot Noir Upper Terrace 2014 – We love Willamette Valley Pinot Noir and love sharing that passion with you even more.  So, for a treat, join us on Saturday only to sample one of the “wines of the vintage” in 2014 – the Vinous 95 point Beaux Freres Upper Terrace.  Pretty limed and a bit extravagant (even at our $96 sale price), but a very, very, fine bottle of wine.

Friday’s tasting is from 3-7pm and Saturday’s from noon-4pm.  Grab a friend or two and join us!

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