Shipping, Delivery & Pick-Up

Shipping Out of State: When you ask us to ship wines you have purchased at Chain Bridge Cellars, we act as your agent to secure shipping via UPS. We make no representation relative to your right to import wines into your state or county. The customer, by placing an order, warrants to us that he/she is aware of and in compliance with the laws governing said shipment into his/her area.

WE DO NOT SHIP to the following states: Maryland, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Alabama, Wisconsin, Mississippi, Utah. For your benefit, we package your wine for shipping in approved wine shipping containers, collect payment for shipping from you, and pay your shipping costs to UPS. The rates charged for shipping are based on our cost for the appropriate wine shipper plus UPS’s charges for the level of service you have chosen. UPS will require an adult signature for all deliveries.

Damage During Shipping: You take title to the wine you purchase at our store; Chain Bridge Cellars has absolutely no responsibility for any damage that occurs to your wine after UPS picks it up and it leaves our premises. Without limiting the previous disclaimer, we specifically disclaim any liability for damage due to poor weather during transport. This can include leakage or corks pushing out of the neck as well as "frozen wine pops." It is your responsibility to monitor weather conditions along your shipping route, so be sure of shipping conditions before placing a ship order. If you choose a shipping option, WE WILL SHIP regardless of conditions in your area, so be careful.

Shipping Schedule and Service Levels: Unless otherwise directed by you, Chain Bridge Cellars ships by UPS Ground. To minimize risk of wine spending the weekend in a warehouse, we usually ship on Mondays or Tuesdays; but if you want us to ship your wine on a specific day, it is your responsibility to contact us and inform us of that when you place your order. If you would like to purchase wine from us and have it held for more than one week before shipping, please contact us to make arrangements BEFORE you place your order.

Delivery Within Virginia: We are delighted to report that we are once again permitted to offer delivery to selected areas within the Commonwealth of Virginia. Areas covered include all of Arlington, Alexandria, Falls Church, Fairfax City, McLean, Great Falls, and most other addresses in Fairfax county. To see if your location qualifies for delivery, please call us.  The mimimum purchase for delivery service is $50. Delivery to any address in zip codes 22101 or 22102 is free of charge. The fees for delivery to other covered locations is $25 for delivery of 1-24 bottles plus $5 for each additional 1-12 bottles.

If you select the local delivery option, we will contact you within 48 hours of receiving your order to schedule delivery. Until you have spoken to us and we have agreed to a delivery schedule, do NOT assume we can deliver next day or at any particular time or date. Deliveries are only made between 10:30 am and 4:00 pm Monday – Saturday. Virginia state law requires that an adult be present to receive and sign for every delivery – NO EXCEPTIONS.

Hold and Pick-Up Orders: We have very limited space in our cellar, so we hope you will pick up any wine you’ve ordered as quickly as possible. Unless you have made prior arrangements with us, we will hold wine at no cost to you for a maximum of 90 days. On day 91, we will impose a charge of $2 per case held (minimum $2 charge) and assess an additional $2 charge each month thereafter. You must pay this charge before we will release your wine. If your wine remains unclaimed and storage fees unpaid more than 180 days after purchase, we may, at our discretion, elect to destroy, dispose of, or simply drink it. Chain Bridge Cellars is not liable for wines damaged, lost, or stolen while in holding.