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Porch Pounder Pinot Noir Red Blend Individual 12oz Cans Product #32264 (In Stock)

Ok, so wine in 12oz cans (about half a bottle) is a pretty cool idea and will make it far easier for you to enjoy vino when you're out and about this Spring and Summer.  But that's just an add on benefit here - this is a KILLER red blend that will appeal to everyone from Merlot to Belle Glos/ Meomi Pinot Noir fans.  We don't know the precise blend, but it starts with the kind of ultra-rich, deeply fruited, Pinot Noir the Wagner family has made famous.  Other grapes - perhaps Cab and Syrah? - add density and a dark, spicy, complexity.  A touch of oak adds a vanilla note and gives this a velvety smooth texture.  Fruit-filled and flashy, for sure, but dry and clean on the spicy finish.  If you like the can idea, buy this. If you don't, then buy it anyway and just use a glass.  It's that good.

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