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Argillae Grechetto Umbria 2016 Product #32544 (In Stock)
Argillae Grechetto Umbria 2016 Argillae Grechetto Umbria 2016

Grechetto is best known as a (all too small) part of Umbria's Orvieto, but it's so delicious that it's well worth showcasing on its own!  This is 100% Grechetto done in tank and it really bursts with fresh, vibrant, aromas of stone fruit with subtle almond accents.  On the palate it's full of stone fruit and passion fruit flavors with a sophisticated texture and crisp, lemon/peach and mineral finish. Sure it's fun to sip and will shine with all kinds of seafood, but try it with turkey, grilled veggies and - especially - linguini with clam sauce!

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