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Bonny Doon Grenache Clos de Gilroy 2013 Product #32443 (In Stock)
Bonny Doon Grenache Clos de Gilroy 2013 Bonny Doon Grenache Clos de Gilroy 2013

Technically, this is "The Wine Formerly Known as Clos de Gilroy" as the fruit is now from just outside California's garlic capital. "Clos, but no Cigare" as Randall Graham says - a bit of wordplay for long-time fans of California's somewhat loony, iconoclastic, and very dedicated Rhone Ranger pioneer.  Regardless, this is another in a long line of zesty, easy to love, quaffers made in a classic Cotes du Rhone style.  Mostly Grenache with a touch of Mourvedre, it's loaded with crushed strawberry and raspberry fruit supported by a dose of loamy earth, a dash of cracked black pepper, and plenty of garrigue.  Don't overthink this one.  Just crack it open, pour a big slug, and get on with whatever you were planning to cook or do.  The wine won't get in the way but it will add a nice burst of delicious fun to the proceedings!

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