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Ch Haut-Pasquet Bordeaux Blanc 2015 Product #30677 (In Stock)
Ch Haut-Pasquet Bordeaux Blanc 2015 Ch Haut-Pasquet Bordeaux Blanc 2015

Back in the old days, pretty much all white Bordeaux was a blend of the region’s three complementary grapes:  Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon, and Muscadelle.  As Loire Valley and New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc became more popular in the 1980s, Bordeaux growers began phasing out first Muscadelle (too hard to grow) and then Semillon (usually pulled up in favor of Cabernet and Merlot).  The resulting Sauvignon-dominant (or 100% Sauvignon) white Bordeauxs can be a lot of refreshing, pool-side, fun – but they lack more traditional wine’s complexity of flavors and mellow, food-friendly, textures.

So, finding a traditional blend like this one is a real treat, especially at this great value price.  Give it a swirl and you’ll find a classic white Bordeaux nose of lemon/tangerine fruit, grapefruit pith, a bit of fresh mown grass, and the note of wet wool that Semillon brings to Bordeaux.  With air, a note of passion fruit and crushed savory herb emerges.  It’s light to medium-bodied and very fresh and happy in the mouth with flavors of lemon drop, tangerine, crushed herb and passion fruit puree.  On the finish, the fresh lemon and lime zest character comes forward and you’ll notice your mouth watering as the lemon and herb flavors linger on.   A lovely wine for any shellfish and herb dish or for salads with goat cheese.

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