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Dom De La Touraize Chardonnay En Flandre 2016 Product #33376 (In Stock)

If you've had Chardonnay from Jura before...this isn't like most of it!  In a region that specializes in oxidized wines, this 100% Chardonnay from the village of Arbois is fresh, pure, and delicious. Pithy citrus, green apple and a mineral bite show at first with subtle peach and apricot flavors emerging with air. The minerality supports, rather than obstructs, the fruit on the generous, pithy, finish.  Not exactly "Chardonnay" or even "Arbois" but certainly tasty!

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Dom De La Touraize Arbois Terres Blues 2016 Product #33035 (In Stock)

France's Jura region is having "a moment," and wines like this are why.  This is 100% Savagnin from 15-30 year-old vines grown on blue slate, fermented in tank, and aged in 500l barrels (old) with regular topping up to avoid oxidization (i.e., the wine isn't weird). It is wonderfully tangy and mineral with white and green citrus fruit and a salty, selzer-like, minerality on the finish.  Your mouth just keeps on watering, bringing the flavors back for a minute-plus after swallowing.  Wonderful stuff.

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