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Dom d'Ourea Tire Bouchon Vin De France 2015 Product #31175 (In Stock)
Dom d'Ourea Tire Bouchon Vin De France 2015 Dom d'Ourea Tire Bouchon Vin De France 2015

"Tire Bouchon" is the French phrase for a corkscrew, but the literal translation is better:  Cork Puller.  And you're going to pull a lot of these corks this fall and winter! This is a throw-back (in terms of both time and how you'll drink it!) red made from Grenache, Syrah, and 10% old-timey Aramon and Oeillade Noire.  While it's all grown in Adrien Roustan's Vacqueyras vineyards, the old grapes aren't allowed, so it's bottled as Vin de France.  The winemaking is pretty old school, too.  All the grapes are tossed into the vat together, covered with some dry ice, and allowed to start fermentation as they will.  10 days in the fermenter, a few months resting in tank, and then ready for you to slurp!

It's friendly from the first sniff, with open, generous, aromas of crushed black raspberries, sweet cherry, violets, and a hint of ripe black olive.  Take a sip and let the party begin!  This wine just oozes sweet, fresh, very ripe red and black cherry/berry fruit with a touch of cracked pepper, lavender and rich loamy earth for complexity.  Juicy and mouthwatering, but not at all tart, with a bit of Black Forest cake (chocolate and sweet cherry) coming up on the supple, lingering, finish.  Sure, it's going to go swell with all kinds of casual foods - burgers, hot dogs, pizza, stews - but it will shine most brightly when shared with (soon to be very happy) friends!

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