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Ferrando Carema 'etichetta Bianca (Rosso) 2013 Product #32375 (In Stock)

Up at the top of Piemonte, just before the entrance to the Val d'Aosta lies the narrow, steep-sided, valley of Carema.  Roman soldiers manned this past critical pass into Italy and - needing wine - built terraces up the east side of the valley to plant the only grape that could thrive here:  Nebbiolo. 

Today only one independent grower/winemaker remains in Carema, but Luigi Ferrando would be at the top of the heap if there were a hundred competitors.  His 2013 white label is  just another in a long line of exceptionally pure, fragrant, Nebbiolos with pretty red berry and cherry fruit, crushed rose petal, and savory earth aromas and flavors.  Needs 2-3 hours of air now (or 5 years in cellar), but the aromas and flavors build as the silky tannins recede.  Lovely, perfumed, stuff.

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