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Fiore Chianti Concreto 2015 Product #32489 (In Stock)
Fiore Chianti Concreto 2015 Fiore Chianti Concreto 2015

Chianti's Sangiovese grape needs a little air while it's maturing to tame its sharp tannins, which is why most Chianti spends time in some kind of wood barrel.  Here the Fiore family has taken ripe, juicy, fruit-filled Sangiovese that's fermented in steel and ages it not in wood but in concrete tanks.  Like oak, concrete allows a bit of air to seep into the wine to round off the tannins, but it avoids adding oak flavor (or oak tannins).  The result is a rarity - a 100% Sangiovese Chianti that's not only great with pizza, pasta, and grilled foods.  It's also just fun to drink as a refreshing anytime red wine value!  Plenty of juicy cherry and red berry fruit holds center stage with subtle hints of juniper and herb.  Full and fleshy on the palate and then mouthwateringly fresh on the smooth, generous, finish.  A "Concreto" success!

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