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Fleuriet Renaissance Sancerre La Magie Des Caillottes 2015 Product #31961 (In Stock)
Fleuriet Renaissance Sancerre La Magie Des Caillottes 2015 Fleuriet Renaissance Sancerre La Magie Des Caillottes 2015

From vines up to 40 years-old growing on Sancerre’s famous Kimmeridgian soils, the chalky marls responsible for the best wines of Chablis and Champagne, too.  Fermented and aged 50% in tank and 50% in brand new French oak barrels, allowing the oak to round off Sauvignon’s sometimes harsh edges and time on the fine lees to add body and creamy richness.  The oak shows in the wine’s texture – round, smooth, voluptuous – but not so much in the aromas and flavors.  It’s bold and rich with very ripe peach, white citrus, and an exotic touch of tangerine.  There’s plenty of body in this warm vintage, but also a sizzlingly sharp finish where lemon citrus and mineral notes make your mouth water and keep the flavors fresh and long.  A fine wine to just drink for refreshment on a warm day and even better with cilantro-laced Vietnamese fish dishes.

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Fleuriet Renaissance Sancerre Magie Des Caillottes Red 2011 Product #32235 (In Stock)

Wines like this remind you why Sancerre was such an important RED wine region before the World Wars!  It's 100% Pinot Noir from a warm, ripe, vintage given just enough time in barrel to round off edges and add compelling spice.  Rich, bordering on opulent, it's bursting with sweet and tangy cherry and raspberry fruit enveloped in layers of smoke, spice, and fling.  Delicious on its own and even better with dinner.

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