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Fleuriet Renaissance Sancerre Magie Des Caillottes Red 2011 Product #32235 (In Stock)

Wines like this remind you why Sancerre was such an important RED wine region before the World Wars!  It's 100% Pinot Noir from a warm, ripe, vintage given just enough time in barrel to round off edges and add compelling spice.  Rich, bordering on opulent, it's bursting with sweet and tangy cherry and raspberry fruit enveloped in layers of smoke, spice, and fling.  Delicious on its own and even better with dinner.

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Fleuriet Renaissance Sancerre Les Grandes Marnes 2014 Product #31962 (In Stock)
Fleuriet Renaissance Sancerre Les Grandes Marnes 2014 Fleuriet Renaissance Sancerre Les Grandes Marnes 2014

Old vines (30-60 years) and a mix of Kimmeridgian marl and Silex flint give this fantastic intensity.  The incredibly sophisticated use of large (about 3x the size of a Burgundy barrel) new French oak (60%) transforms that intensity into pure luxurious delight.

It's explosively aromatic, with scents of sliced pineapple, grapefruit flesh and peel, smoky gunflint, and fresh cut grass just jumping out of the glass.  In the mouth it starts like biting into a fresh, perfectly ripe, kumquat - a pop of citrus oil, followed by fleshy orange-tinged citrus fruit and juice and a just-right bite of bitter pith.  A dusting of black pepper and creamy touch of Meyer lemon confit adds complexity as do subtle notes of fresh tarragon and chive.  You don't really experience the oak as "oak" - instead it just rounds the texture and intensifies the Silex gunflint minerality.  Take a sip and wait 90-120 seconds - you'll still be tasting and savoring this beauty.  A remarkable, delicious, supremely sophisticated wine to enjoy tonight and over the next 5 years.

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