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Le Chai Duchet Vire Clesse Quintessance 2015 Product #32889 (In Stock)
Le Chai Duchet Vire Clesse Quintessance 2015 Le Chai Duchet Vire Clesse Quintessance 2015

Holy cow and zowie – this is just plain great Chardonnay!  "Quintessence" means "the most perfect or typical example of a quality or class" or "a refined essence or extract."  This is the Quintessence of Vire-Clesse.  It’s from a 4 acre plot of 80 year-old Chardonnay planted to incredible density – a whopping 4,400 vines per acre. Alexis Duchet farms this site organically with natural treatments for pests and the soil worked by horse-drawn plow.  Fermentation in stainless steal with the yeast from the vineyard and winery is followed by 10-12 months aging in concrete tank.  Natural, pure, simple.

Nothing simple about the wine, though.  The aromas and flavors are deep, complex, and satisfying with layers of ripe stone fruit, buttered pear, crushed hazelnut and salty mineral.  But structure and texture are what really excites here.  The wine enters with a prickle-point of acid, fans out to envelope and coat your palate with richness, and then snaps back into lazer-like minerally focus as fresh citrus acids bring up the rear.  And the finish goes on and on and your mouth waters gently and flavors of stone fruit, pear, apple, hazelnut and mint linger for a minute-plus.  A great wine right now that will certainly age nicely – but why wait?

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