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Maynard's Port Tawny 20 Year Product #30550 (In Stock)
Maynard's Port Tawny 20 Year Maynard's Port Tawny 20 Year

A great example of what is perhaps the most classic style of “wood aged” or “Tawny” Port.  Winemaker Alvaro van Zeller, formerly winemaker at Quinta do Noval, blends this from Port lots that have aged in barrel about 20 years on average.  Plenty of richness and depth here but also a lively note of burnt orange peel and even a touch of fresh red berry.  A delicious value!

"Maynard’s is a brand from Alvaro van Zeller of Barão de Vilar. This 20-year-old is lush in its sweetness, with candied orange peel scents and ripe strawberry flavors that evaporate into a warm finish, lasting on scents of glazed chestnuts. A simple and delicious Tawny."Wine & Spirits 90 points

"The 20 Years Old Tawny Port (Maynard's) comes in at 109 grams per liter of residual sugar. A nice step up on the 10 Year Old Maynard's, also reviewed, this adds some weight, but more importantly, concentration of flavor--those old, classic Tawny nuances. Very pleasing, yet easy to drink, this is a charming 20 that should be available at a nice price."Wine Advocate 90 points

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Maynard's Port Colheita 1934 Product #30549 (In Stock)
Maynard's Port Colheita 1934 Maynard's Port Colheita 1934

A limited treasure.

"The 1934 Colheita Port (Maynard's) is a blend of 25% Touriga Franca, 20% Tinta Roriz, 15% Tinta Amarela, 10% Tinta Barroca and 30% of traditional grape varieties (Sousão, Bastardo, Rufete, Sousão, Tinta Francisca, among others); coming in at 154 grams per liter of residual sugar. It is one of many fine 1934s I've had. It's a happy trend. This powerhouse is initially all about its power and it has quite a lot. I always recommend drinking Tawnies a bit cool, but double underline that here. Concentrated and complex, it isn't just about preening in its power, though it adds some sweetness on the finish and becomes increasingly complex and flavorful as it calms down a bit. Overall, it's rather stunning. Since the 80th birthday celebrations are over, you may as well sit it down and knock it back. It's pretty fine."Wine Advocate 96 points

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