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Montenidoli Chianti Colli Senesi Il Garrulo 2015 Product #33084 (In Stock)

Throw-back Chianti here following the original recipe created by Barone Ricasoli:  two red grapes (Sangiovese and Canaiolo) and two white (Trebbiano and Malvasia Bianca) all fermented together and aged in old oak casks.  With some of the red grapes air dried before fermentation, this shows off an old-school aroma and flavor profile, too, with roasted cherry and strawberry fruit and earthy complexity.  The texture is superb, with a velvet mid-palate and lightly chalky, food-friendly, finish. Very highly recommended now - 2025+

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Montenidoli Canaiuolo Rosato Toscana 2017 Product #33317 (In Stock)
Montenidoli Canaiuolo Rosato Toscana 2017 Montenidoli Canaiuolo Rosato Toscana 2017

Before our note, here's how Elisabetta Fagiuoli writes about her lovely rose:  "A moment of happiness, far from whites and reds, from labels and conformity: It's the aperitif that opens lines of communication, it's the cup that assuages thirst, a moment of rest and relaxation, to celebrate a baptism, a first communion or a wedding. At Montenidoli, we've selected Canaiuolo, which has the perfumes of white grapes and the color of reds. It's pale rose pink, with the perfumes of the flowers that blossom in the woods in spring, while the calcareous fossil-rich soils offer rich savory flavors and a soft enveloping finish...The perfect aperitif, if possible in a Champagne flute. A delicately colored rosé with floral aromas, full soft flavors, and a savory finish."

After that, I got nothin’.  Except to say that this is crisp, crunchy, and mind-blowingly refreshing now and will get richer, deeper, and creamier over the next year or two.  To minimize sulfur use, this was allowed to retain a fair bit of natural CO2, so it's worth decanting or giving a big shake or two nown. Drink it with fresh veggies and cheeses from the farmers’ market in spring, pair it with salmon and poultry over summer, and make sure to have some held back for Thanksgiving dinner – 2018 or 2019, as you prefer. A deeply authentic, utterly delicious rose.

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Montenidoli Fiore Vernaccia Di San Gimignano 2016 Product #33082 (In Stock)
Montenidoli Fiore Vernaccia Di San Gimignano 2016 Montenidoli Fiore Vernaccia Di San Gimignano 2016

One of Tuscany's finest white wines, Elisabetta Fagiuoli's Vernaccia di San Gimignano regularly tops critics' ratings of wines from this often overlooked white DOCGs.  The 2016 edition has yet to be reviewed, but the 91 point write-up from Wine Advocate below for the 2015 hints at the wonderfulness you're going to taste in the even better 2016 vintage. There's a Riesling-like character to the minerality and core of ripe green apple and stone fruit and then Sancerre-like minerality, cut and vibrancy.  In all the years Wine Advocate has reviewed Italian wines, only 17 Vernaccia Di San Gimignano have earned higher ratings.  And Elisabetta made about a third of those.  And it's hard to believe any are better than this!

"Offers steady and clean aromas of saffron, white peach and juicy Golden Delicious apple. Delicate notes of crushed flint and granite fill in the rear. This is a clean and refreshing wine but it also offers the complexity and layering that distinguishes this specific wine within a group of peers. Winemaking is simple: it is fermented in stainless steel and goes directly into bottle with no oak contact."   Wine Advocate 91 points (for 2015 vintage)

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Montenidoli Toscana Rosso IGT 2015 Product #32932 (In Stock)
Montenidoli Toscana Rosso IGT 2015 Montenidoli Toscana Rosso IGT 2015

One of Tuscany's most famed estates - but only in Italy and mainly among the lucky few who met the late Sergio Muratori and Elisabetta Fagiuoli, Sergio's very much alive cofounder and creator of Montenidoli in the Chianti hills not far from San Gimignano.  The 24ha acres of vines are nestled into 250ha of woodlands, rising from ancient seabed soils at the base to blood-red, iron-rich, remnants of the Triassic period at the top of the hill.  These are the oldest soils in Tuscany and the only place they are planted to vine.

Elisabetta's Sangiovese grows naturally (only a little copper or sulfur as needed) in the poor red soils, ripening stunning cherry and strawberry fruit flavors while sucking up and sharing layer up on layer of iron ore minerality.  Aging a year in neutral oak gives the wine some roundness, but the tannins here are still classically firm and mouthcoating - the kind of big mouthful of tannin that's satisfying and mouthwatering, not hard or bitter.  The wine's delicious and rare and priced far, far, below its value.  Try it.

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Montenidoli Templare 2011 Product #33433 (In Stock)

70% Vernaccia, 20% Trebbiano Gentile, 10% Malvasia Bianca made in old barriques. The great white wine of the warrior monks of the middle ages, to be drunk, says the Rule, "as needed to distance the cold."


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