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Musella Recioto 2011 (375ml) Product #32081 (In Stock)
Musella Recioto 2011  (375ml) Musella Recioto 2011  (375ml)

Recioto is Amarone left sweet - in this case, gloriously, richly, deeply, sweet but remarkably fragrant and fresh, too.  Musella only makes Recioto in great vintages, using the very best grapes of the harvest dried on straw mats for 150 days.  The aromas and flavors here call to mind dried cranberry, raspberry and raisin with a bunch of wild herb (thyme? Rosemary?) and then sweet black cherry and raspberry on the finish. A burst of red berry acid cleans up the finish and pulls you back for more.  A blend of  Corvina 50% Corvinone 10%, Rondinella 10%, Croatina 15%, Oseleta 15%  fermented in open top oak fermenters and then aged 2 years in neutral barrel.

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