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Palacio De Bornos Verdejo Rueda 2016 Product #32441 (In Stock)
Palacio De Bornos Verdejo Rueda 2016 Palacio De Bornos Verdejo Rueda 2016

Over the past decade in Spain, "Verdejo" has come to be synonymous with "clean, crisp, white wine."  Which is unexpected, since it's only been 20 years or so since the Sanz family launched this estate and led the transformation of Rueda from oxidized, sherry-like, wines to refreshing beauties like this one!

The newest release of this long-time customer and staff favorite is like a richer, less grapefruity, version of Sauvignon Blanc.  Here big aromas of tropical fruit, tangerine, lemongrass and lemon thyme lead to bold flavors of ripe citrus (tangerine, orange, lemon) with a touch of anise and fresh cut grass for interest.  It's smooth and vibrant on the palate with excellent length and a mouthwatering finish that leaves citrus, green melon, and peach skin flavors lingering nicely.  A refreshing white to just sip and even better with Spanish tapas, sushi, or even spicy Cajun shrimp.  And, this weekend, a crazy bargain at these super savings!


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