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Forty Ounce Red (Gamay) 2016 (1.0 liter) Product #32648 (In Stock)
Forty Ounce Red (Gamay) 2016 (1.0 liter) Forty Ounce Red (Gamay) 2016 (1.0 liter)

Depending on how you look at it, this throw-back 1 liter bottle (looking like a 40 oz "bomber" of malt liquor) is either really clever or really tacky.  But it's certainly a really good value in a really, really, good wine.  It's 100% Gamay from Sommelier Patrick Cappiello and winemaker Julien Brand that's loaded with ripe, plummy, fruit.  This is "fruity" the way the French do "fruity," with big aromas and flavors of just ripe strawberry and cherry and just a hint of herb for interest.  A great party red, a thirst quenching afternoon reviver, and fun for Thanksgiving, too.

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