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Victor Zinfandel Old Vines Lodi 2013 Product #31052 (In Stock)
Victor Zinfandel Old Vines Lodi 2013 Victor Zinfandel Old Vines Lodi 2013

Lodi is known for its plush, jammy style of Zinfandel, and Victor Vineyards’ version manages to stay much more balanced than most examples while still retaining a sense of place. At 14.8% alcohol, it’s not a light wine by any means, but it carries its weight well, and the alcohol comes across as pleasant warmth rather than booziness. Aromas of raspberry, strawberry, baking spices and pepper round out the appealing nose. Take a sip and you’ll be rewarded with brighter fruit flavors than you might expect - a hint of cranberry keeps things fresh, and the mouthfeel is definitely full bodied and satisfyingly plush, but not overwhelming. Ideal with an all-American meal of grilled New York strip or burgers!

"Zinfandel has become so risky in recent years that I often shy away from it: Too many examples are hot with excessive alcohol and ripeness, with sheer power masquerading as quality. This fine example reminds me why I love zin: raspberry and cranberry flavors, with hints of smoke and earth. It carries its high alcohol well (and 14.8 percent is moderate compared to some zins that crack 15.5 percent or higher). Best of all, if you don’t finish the bottle, you might be rewarded the next night with even more-vibrant fruit flavors.” ***/Exceptional, Dave McIntyre, The Washington Post

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