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Clua Mas d'En Pol Blanca 2016 Product #32121 (In Stock)
Clua Mas d'En Pol Blanca 2016 Clua Mas d'En Pol Blanca 2016

Xavier Clua crafts this vivid white from Grenache Blanc, Chardonnay and a dash of Sauvignon Blanc grown in the rocky, hard-to-work, vineyards of Terra Alta.  Fermented cool in tank and bottled without ever touching a barrel, it delivers just the right balance of luscious nectarine and tangy pineapple fruit with hints of lemon grass and lime pith.  Round, generous, and mouthfilling, the real excitement here is on the back palate and finish where a burst of selzer, chalk, and briny mineral emerges under the mouthwatering acidity.  A refreshing white you’ll love sipping on the back deck with nibbles and enjoy even more with shellfish, sausage, or paella.  Just a winner all around.

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Clua Milliennium Tinto 2013 Product #32666 (In Stock)
Clua Milliennium Tinto 2013 Clua Milliennium Tinto 2013

SAVE 40%!  In this fascinatingly delicious wine, Xavier Clua has captured the changable essence of his Terra Alta Vineyards.  Vineyards that move from clay, to rocky chalk, to lightly sandy across his 450-500 meter site.  Days and nights range from baking hot to bracing chill.  And his grapes here start with classic Garnatxa Negra (Garnacha) and pull in complements of Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah.  Put all that together with a year in 50/50 new/second use barrel, and you get a wine that has a lot to say - and says it with power and charm.

On first pour and sniff, you can tell this is going to be a wild ride!  Aromas of deep roasted black fruits - plums, berries, cherries - turn rich and deep with air and are framed by scents of subtle spice, light balsamic and a hint of roasted meat.  In the mouth, this is one of those wines that walks a tightly focused path between rich indulgence and intense verve.  Deeply expressive flavors of wild blackberry, black currant, raspberry, licorice and balsamic are lifted across the palate by a burst of tangy blackberry juice, fresh blood orange, and fresh floral notes.  A beguiling hint of walnut runs under the mouthwatering finish where fresh picked berry and blood orange flavors ride over fine-grained tannins.

Or at least that's what I got from my tasting.  The truth is that this is a wine in motion, and what you'll smell, taste, and feel from it will shift and evolve over the hours you have it in your glass.  A joy to drink now and plenty of potential to improve through 2023.

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