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Jean Paul Thibert Macon Fuisse 2016 Product #32341 (In Stock)

This is getting silly.  This wine has been the white Burgundy steal of the store for 5 years now, but the 2016 jumps up into a whole new quality tier.  Jean Paul Thibert ferments and ages his ripe Macon-Fuisse Chardonnay fruit in large, old barrels called foudre.  These big barrels (each holding about 10x the typical barrique) provide his wine with just enough air contact to smooth off rough edges without adding any wood flavor or tannin. 

Aromas and flavors feature rich, ripe, pear, apple, and peach fruit with accents of toasted hazelnut and grilled pineapple.  Full and fleshy enough to give almost any Pouilly-Fuisse a run for its money, but crisp and minerally on the mouthwatering finish.  You've got to try this stuff.

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Marcel Couturier Macon Loche Les Longues Terres 2015 Product #32715 (In Stock)
Marcel Couturier Macon Loche Les Longues Terres 2015 Marcel Couturier Macon Loche Les Longues Terres 2015

100% Chardonnay from 35 year-old vines fermented in tank and aged 11 months in used French oak. Marcel farms 11 hectares of vineyards total in a number of different appellations: Pouilly-Fuissé, Pouilly-Loché, Saint-Véran, Macon-Loché, Macon-Vinzelles, and Macon Blanc. Most of these vines are quite old: plenty of parcels are 70+ years old, most of his “young” vines are 30 years old.

In the winery, the approach is pretty hands-off. Almost everything is fermented and aged in barrel, with an average of 20% new wood, depending on the year. Fermentation happens slowly, with alcoholic fermentation often not finishing until January and malolactic fermentation sometimes going on through the summer. The wines are bottled right before harvest of the following year.

The 2015 Macon Loche "Les Longues Terres" has complex aromas of warm stone, honey, apple, peach and hazelnut.  Then there's nice richness of texture to a palate of dried white peach, laurel, tea, lemon confit and toasted nut.  The finish is dry, full-bodied, and full of minerality with the stone fruit flavors lingering nicely.  A winner!

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Dom Geoffrey Chevalier Pouilly Loche 2015 Product #33191 (In Stock)

An overlooked region. An unknown winemaker. And an importer with a great nose for value.  All those come together here in a terrific white Burgundy that should cost twice as much as it does.  Pouilly Loche's 31ha of vineyard squeeze in between Pouilly Vinzelles and Fuisse, and this comes from a chalky plot at the highest point of the appellation.  Geoffrey Chevalier has worked his family's plots and made wine only since 2012, using tractor and horse and his own hands.  The importer, Ed Addiss, brings the wine to us.  There's 2015 richness here and plenty of yellow apple, pear skin and hazelnut depth to the aromas and flavors.  Having expanded to coat your palate, the wine snaps into intense focus on a saline and wildly complex finish.  No oak, no hype - just great white Burgundy to enjoy.

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Le Chai Duchet Vire Clesse Quintessance 2015 Product #32889 (In Stock)
Le Chai Duchet Vire Clesse Quintessance 2015 Le Chai Duchet Vire Clesse Quintessance 2015

Holy cow and zowie – this is just plain great Chardonnay!  "Quintessence" means "the most perfect or typical example of a quality or class" or "a refined essence or extract."  This is the Quintessence of Vire-Clesse.  It’s from a 4 acre plot of 80 year-old Chardonnay planted to incredible density – a whopping 4,400 vines per acre. Alexis Duchet farms this site organically with natural treatments for pests and the soil worked by horse-drawn plow.  Fermentation in stainless steal with the yeast from the vineyard and winery is followed by 10-12 months aging in concrete tank.  Natural, pure, simple.

Nothing simple about the wine, though.  The aromas and flavors are deep, complex, and satisfying with layers of ripe stone fruit, buttered pear, crushed hazelnut and salty mineral.  But structure and texture are what really excites here.  The wine enters with a prickle-point of acid, fans out to envelope and coat your palate with richness, and then snaps back into lazer-like minerally focus as fresh citrus acids bring up the rear.  And the finish goes on and on and your mouth waters gently and flavors of stone fruit, pear, apple, hazelnut and mint linger for a minute-plus.  A great wine right now that will certainly age nicely – but why wait?

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