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Mission La Caminade Cahors 2016 Product #32978 (In Stock)
Mission La Caminade Cahors 2016 Mission La Caminade Cahors 2016

After Bordeaux largely dropped the grape in the late 1800s and before Argentinan wines exploded on the scene, if you wanted to drink Malbec, you found your way to Cahors.  South of Bordeaux, the "black wine of Cahors" gained fame for it's inky color, firm structure, and captivating blend of dark fruit, warm spice and loads of gravely minerality.  This is a great introduction to contemporary Cahors, with a dash of Merlot softening Malbec's firm, stony, edges.  Plenty of tangy fruit, layers of sweet and savory spice, and a darkly earthy finish make this a great match for stews, roasts and burgers.

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