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Tussock Jumper Malbec Tulum Valley 2016 Product #33247 (In Stock)
Tussock Jumper Malbec Tulum Valley 2016 Tussock Jumper Malbec Tulum Valley 2016

I guess you can call the red garment on the cow on the label a “jumper,” but what a small clump of more dense than usual grass (a “Tussock”) has to do with this wine is beyond us.  And since we automatically think “Mendoza” when we see Argentine Malbec, it takes a moment to notice that this is from the Tulum Valley near San Juan, about two hours north of Mendoza.  But what’s clear as soon as you taste it, though, is that this is just a great house red!

This is 100% Malbec grown at lower altitudes than in Mendoza (600 vs 6,000+  feet) at lower alcohol levels (just 13.0%!).  But it takes to wood just as well at its Mendoza cousins, as you’ll notice right away from the way spicy, coffee, scents complement the notes of dark black raspberry, blackberry and plum.  On the palate, it’s fleshy and feels full but not heavy, serving up big spiced blackberry and red raspberry fruit flavors with accents of roasted coffee, cocoa and spice.  Spiced fruit, a touch of vanilla bean, and gentle smoke flavors linger across a broad, smooth, finish.  Fun to sip, nicely matched with anything from pizza to burgers to lamb, and priced to share with a crowd.

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