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Montenidoli Canaiuolo Rosato Toscana 2017 Product #33317 (In Stock)
Montenidoli Canaiuolo Rosato Toscana 2017 Montenidoli Canaiuolo Rosato Toscana 2017

Before our note, here's how Elisabetta Fagiuoli writes about her lovely rose:  "A moment of happiness, far from whites and reds, from labels and conformity: It's the aperitif that opens lines of communication, it's the cup that assuages thirst, a moment of rest and relaxation, to celebrate a baptism, a first communion or a wedding. At Montenidoli, we've selected Canaiuolo, which has the perfumes of white grapes and the color of reds. It's pale rose pink, with the perfumes of the flowers that blossom in the woods in spring, while the calcareous fossil-rich soils offer rich savory flavors and a soft enveloping finish...The perfect aperitif, if possible in a Champagne flute. A delicately colored rosé with floral aromas, full soft flavors, and a savory finish."

After that, I got nothin’.  Except to say that this is crisp, crunchy, and mind-blowingly refreshing now and will get richer, deeper, and creamier over the next year or two.  To minimize sulfur use, this was allowed to retain a fair bit of natural CO2, so it's worth decanting or giving a big shake or two nown. Drink it with fresh veggies and cheeses from the farmers’ market in spring, pair it with salmon and poultry over summer, and make sure to have some held back for Thanksgiving dinner – 2018 or 2019, as you prefer. A deeply authentic, utterly delicious rose.

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