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En Numeros Vermells Garnaxta Blanca 2015 Product #30988 (In Stock)
En Numeros Vermells Garnaxta Blanca 2015 En Numeros Vermells Garnaxta Blanca 2015

Silvia Puig's 2015 Garnaxta Blanca starts with very old bush-trained vines growing on small terraces running up and down Priorat’s jumbled hills.  The vines poke out of a cover of broken red and brown slate with flecks of mica called “llicorella” that gives the fruit an almost salty, minerally, feel.  Hot, sunny, days drive ripening while cool, clear, nights maintain freshness.  Fermentation and aging in large French oak casks adds roundness while time in clay amphora gives a portion of the wine a rich, exotic, feel.

The 2015 is very young right now and while it’s already delicious, I think it will be better still this Fall and through 2020+.  Big aromas of green pineapple, apricot, fresh peach, fennel frond and salty stone carry on through a luxuriously textured, mouth-coating, palate.  Notes of spice, orange blossom, and anise emerge for even more complexity as the wine sits in your mouth – and it does sit there for a while as this beauty shows unbelievable palate and finishing length.  A burst of fruity acidity and loads of salty stone minerality bring freshness at the end.  To call it “the best White Grenache in the world” is actually faint praise:  this is a great, great, wine that delivers deep and profound satisfaction.

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