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Clos Marsalette Pessac - Leognan 2013 Product #30489 (In Stock)
Clos Marsalette Pessac - Leognan 2013 Clos Marsalette Pessac - Leognan 2013

Classic white Bordeaux made from 70% Sauvignon Blanc and 30% Sémillon with 30% aged in new oak. Creamy, sophisticated, and long.

"A lovely wet straw aroma leads to a flattering, creamy palate of sweetened butter, creamed apple, lemon curd and honeysuckle notes. A tarragon hint at the very end keeps this honest. Drink now through 2017."Wine Spectator 91 points

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Carne Humana Napa Valley Red Blend 2012 Product #31543 (In Stock)
Carne Humana Napa Valley Red Blend 2012 Carne Humana Napa Valley Red Blend 2012

Named for a giant, pre-statehood ranch that stretched from Rutherford to Calistoga, this is Joe Wagner's take on a traditional California field blend.  Napa Valley Petite Sirah, Zinfandel, Petite Verdot and Syrah ferment and age together for 18 months in French oak.  Big aromas of blackberry, dark chocolate, licorice, cherry and black pepper.  Then bold flavors of tobacco, cherry pie, licorice and lots of super-ripe dark fruit with a touch of sweet oak on the finish.  Bold stuff for big food!

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En Numeros Vermells Priorat AiAiAi 2015 Product #31540 (In Stock)
En Numeros Vermells Priorat AiAiAi 2015 En Numeros Vermells Priorat AiAiAi 2015

“AiAiAi” is the kind of thing you say with a smile when something surprising happens, and tasting Silvia Puig’s 2015 “baby” Priorat and then seeing the very reasonable price certainly qualifies!  Tiny production – just 3,216 bottles in 2015.

I don’t think I can improve upon my note from our first taste of 2015 AiAiAi:  “Even though it's dead young, the nose is already giving with bold aromas of roasted red berries - raspberry, strawberry - dark red flowers and a big dose of Priorat's signature warm slate.  The flavors are classic Priorat, too - actually, classic $50-$70 Priorat.  Super rich roasted red fruit, sweet spice, a hint of vanilla bean, and a bit of cracked pepper with a texture that enters pure and precise, expands to fully coat the inside of your mouth and then draws back into clear focus with delicious, ripe, chewy, tannins.  Finish goes on with raspberry jam, slate, and more lingering.  Not a trace of heat.  What a delicious wine!”

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Ridgeview Cavendish Brut NV England 2013 Product #31552 (In Stock)
Ridgeview Cavendish Brut NV England 2013 Ridgeview Cavendish Brut NV England 2013

One of the very top sparkling wine houses in England is making a great case for the comparision to Champagne with this classic blend of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Pinou Meunier.  Loads of apple and subtle red berry fruit on the nose and palate with a fine bread-dough complexity in the background.  Finishes fine and crisp, with tiny bubles givinig freshness and inviting you back for another sip.

"A haze of summer flowers hovers across a fizzy feast of crunchy, green apple. Autolytic notes of bread stay clearly in the background while this easy, joyful wine majors on primary, crisp apple fruit and a whistle-clean finish."Wine Enthusiast 89 points

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Jean Vesselle Brut Reserve Bouzy N/V Product #7655 (In Stock)
Jean Vesselle Brut Reserve Bouzy N/V Jean Vesselle Brut Reserve Bouzy N/V

After 300 years of growing and making Champagne in Bouzy, the Vesselle family has mastered the art of making rich, toasty, wines with creamy textures and pure, fresh, finishes. This 100% Grand Cru Pinot Noir (80%) and Chardonnay (20%) aged 30 months on the lees following secondary fermentation.

A smoky, toasty, nose shows hints of strawberry, pear and spice.  Then fresh and very pure in the mouth with red berry fruit, pear, spice and plenty of toast, biscuit and brioche. Perfect balance on the palate through the long, creamy, finish that lingers on and on. This is delicious to just drink but will work beautifully at table, too.

"Powerful, vinous and beautifully resonant, Vesselle's NV Brut Réserve hits all the right notes. The richness and radiance that make Bouzy Champagnes so compelling comes through in spades. Rich red stone fruit, spice, leather and lightly honeyed notes all form a super-attractive fabric of aromas and flavors in this deep, intensely satisfying NV Champagne. What a gorgeous wine this is."  Vinous (Galloni) 92 points

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Quinta Dona Matilde Port Vintage 2011 Product #27907 (In Stock)
Quinta Dona Matilde Port Vintage 2011 Quinta Dona Matilde Port Vintage 2011

The Barros family knows a thing or two about Vintage Port, with family founder Manoel Moreira de Barros starting the top-notch Barros estate in the early 1900s.  Quinta Dona Matilde was already highly respected when Barros acquired it in 1925, although it was equally famous for being one of the most difficult to farm vineyards in the Douro Valley.  Dona Matilde passed out of the family with the sale of the entire Barros group in 2006, but less than a year later Manoel Moreira’s grandson, Manuel Angelo Barros, was able to buy it back and return the Barros family to the Port and fine wine business.

Many of you have loved the family’s 2007 Vintage Port when we’ve offered it in the past, but importer Jonas Gustafsson and Filippe Barros agree with me that the 2011 is a substantial step up in quality and sophistication.  The wine opens with lovely aromas of dried blackcurrant and raisin with a touch of leafy tobacco, wet stone minerality, and vanilla spice.  The aromas carry through on the rich palate where nutty, spicy, undertones emerge and the sense of minerality gets stronger.  As you’d hope for in a young Vintage Port, there’s very nice grip to the firm tannins and plenty of juicy, refreshing, acids to keep everything fresh and focused. The chewy tannins don’t get in the way of the long finish where the minerality and spice notes really shine.  Try this now with walnuts and Stilton cheese or cellar it for as long as you’d like to.

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L. Aubry Fils Brut 1er Cru Nv Product #28947 (In Stock)
L. Aubry Fils Brut 1er Cru Nv L. Aubry Fils Brut 1er Cru Nv

From the April, 2014, disgorgement – the point when the Aubry’s removed the yeast from the secondary fermentation and added about 5 g/l dosage.  The Wine Advocate review below is for the September 2013 disgorgement, but the extra time on the lees did nothing but make this beauty better!

“Twin brothers Pierre and Philippe Aubry are best-known for their cuvees rendered from the full range of cepages authorized for Champagne; in other words, for their having tracked down, propagated, and showcased the “forgotten” alternatives to the proverbial trio...The Aubrys ought to already be known for perpetrating some of Champagne’s most startlingly distinctive and profoundly delicious wines, period.

With increased acreage and experience, the unorthodoxy of “unknown” cepages has now trickled down to the level of Aubry’s “basic” NV Brut. This contains just one-quarter each Chardonnay and Pinot; 45% Meunier; and a mixture of Arbanne, Petit Meslier and Fromenteau (a.k.a. Pinot Gris). Nearly half of it is reserve wine, and more than half of that from a solera going back to 1998. If that sounds like a recipe for delivering complexity, you’re right and won’t be disappointed! Bittersweet perfume suggestive of gentian and iris mingles with intimations of fresh lime and sea breeze that in turn manifest themselves on a seductively silken palate in both juicy, vivacious exuberance and mouthwatering saliva-inducement. A scallop-like sweetly saline and mineral amalgam takes hold in a vibrant finish that leaves me caught between the urge to linger and the urge to take the next sip. This exceptional value by appellation standards.”  Wine Advocate 92 points (for 2015 release)

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En Numeros Vermells Garnaxta Blanca 2015 Product #30988 (In Stock)
En Numeros Vermells Garnaxta Blanca 2015 En Numeros Vermells Garnaxta Blanca 2015

Silvia Puig's 2015 Garnaxta Blanca starts with very old bush-trained vines growing on small terraces running up and down Priorat’s jumbled hills.  The vines poke out of a cover of broken red and brown slate with flecks of mica called “llicorella” that gives the fruit an almost salty, minerally, feel.  Hot, sunny, days drive ripening while cool, clear, nights maintain freshness.  Fermentation and aging in large French oak casks adds roundness while time in clay amphora gives a portion of the wine a rich, exotic, feel.

The 2015 is very young right now and while it’s already delicious, I think it will be better still this Fall and through 2020+.  Big aromas of green pineapple, apricot, fresh peach, fennel frond and salty stone carry on through a luxuriously textured, mouth-coating, palate.  Notes of spice, orange blossom, and anise emerge for even more complexity as the wine sits in your mouth – and it does sit there for a while as this beauty shows unbelievable palate and finishing length.  A burst of fruity acidity and loads of salty stone minerality bring freshness at the end.  To call it “the best White Grenache in the world” is actually faint praise:  this is a great, great, wine that delivers deep and profound satisfaction.

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Vinedos De Ithaca Px Pedro Ximenez Priorat 2011 Product #25768 (In Stock)
Vinedos De Ithaca  Px Pedro Ximenez Priorat 2011 Vinedos De Ithaca  Px Pedro Ximenez Priorat 2011

It's hard to find words to explain just how good this unusual white Priorat is.  Sylvia Puig has created a complex, exotic, dry white that will blow your mind at table. Complex aromas of mineral driven spiced white peach and peppered lemon zest float out of the glass. Delicious round flavors of yellow pear, white raisin and almonds. The finish is pretty much endless.  Yes, it's really worth the price.

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Disznoko Tokaji Aszu 5 Puttonyos 2007 (500ml) Product #28360 (In Stock)
Disznoko Tokaji Aszu 5 Puttonyos 2007 (500ml) Disznoko Tokaji Aszu 5 Puttonyos 2007 (500ml)

A classic Tokaji; medium-sweet.

The 2007 Tokaji Aszu 5-Puttonyos is a blend of 75% Furmint, 15% Zeta and 10% Harslevelu (the first and last forming the base wine.) The berries were added to both the fermenting must but mostly finished wine, depending on the level of botrytis, then aged in barrel for 30 months. It has a very pure and clean nose, perhaps one of the most Sauternes-like I have come across, with yellow plum and quince aromas. The palate is clean and fresh on the entry with effervescent Satsuma, apricot and quince notes pricked with just the right amount of acidity (7.2 grams per liter, in case you were wondering.) This very feminine, balletic Tokaji – a little ingenue – is a perfect introduction to the delights of aszu wine. Drink now-2035+. Wine Advocate 91 points

"Spicy aromas lead to candied citrus and clove flavors in this elegant dessert white. Moderately sweet, with bright acidity and fine length. Drink now through 2022."Wine Spectator 91 points

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Quinta Dona Matilde Porto Colheita 2004 Product #27905 (In Stock)
Quinta Dona Matilde Porto Colheita 2004 Quinta Dona Matilde Porto Colheita 2004

The Barros family made their name in the Deuro during the 20th Century before selling the brand and focusing their energies on dry wines at Quinta Dona Matilde.  But, Filippe Barros and family aren’t quite ready to give up Port just yet, and they’ve tapped their broad range of contacts to create this brilliant 9 year-old beauty.

A lovely amber color with shimmering gold and rose highlights.  Big, lush, aromas of caramelized nuts, toffee, orange peel, and dried fruits lead to deep flavors of more toffee, toasted pecan, blood orange, dried redcurrant, and more.  Although it’s richly textured and weighty, a beam of brilliant acidity runs through the wine, giving freshness and a dry, very lightly tannic, finish.  This will thrill any fan of 10 year Tawny Port, matching that style’s freshness and fruit character and adding on more subtlety and complexity.

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Begali Amarone Della Valpolicella Classico 2012 Product #30731 (In Stock)
Begali Amarone Della Valpolicella Classico 2012 Begali Amarone Della Valpolicella Classico 2012

As Wine Advocate said in late 2013, “If you can name but two producers in Valpolicella (I’m betting they are Dal Forno and Quintarelli), it’s now time to add a third: Lorenzo Begali.”  Begali’s Amarone isn’t quite as hefty as Dal Forno and is much cleaner and less rustic than Quintarelli, but we agree that the quality-levels are very similar – even if the prices are about 80% less!

Soaring aromas of dried black cherry, blueberry, and blackberry are framed by subtle notes of oak, tobacco and chocolate.  On the palate the wine is amazingly pure, clean, and fresh – even at 15.5% abv! – with layers and layers of rich fresh fruit, dried berry and raisin, crushed flower, dark chocolate, cured tobacco, and sweet spice.  Plenty of Amarone richness and power, for sure, but with impeccable balance and silkiness of texture and perfectly integrated alcohol.  The juicy, fruit and spice-filled finish sails on over ripe tannins with berry and raisin flavors lingering on and on.  Put some away to enjoy with warming winter meals but don’t hesitate to pop a bottle now to pair with ribs, brisket, or any other rich food off the grill.

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Conceito Branco 2011 Product #29112 (In Stock)
Conceito Branco 2011 Conceito Branco 2011

Rita first came to international attention with the 2007 edition of this white, and Wine Advocate once again named this their top Douro white in 2011.  It’s a field blend of of Rabigato, Côdega de Larinho, Códega, Viosinho and Gouveio from an ancient, pre-phylloxera, vineyard in the cool Teja Valley, far above the Douro River.  Rita fermented and aged the just ripe fruit for 10 months in a blend of French and Caucasian oak, about 40% new.

This takes the bright, fresh, fruit flavors of the Contraste Branco and adds a layer of white Burgundy sophistication and complexity.  Aromas of apple, apricot, grilled pineapple, smoke, crushed chervil, and wet stones.  The flavors follow the nose and add creamy vanilla, toasted nut, and brown spice and find the crushed fresh herb coming forward.  An anise note emerges on the back and carries through to the long, broad, and super-fresh finish that just keeps pumping out juicy acids, bitter citrus pith, and salty mineral flavors for a minute or more. A stunner for now and years to come.

"More minerally and longer than the Contraste and a little more concentrated and with greater ageing potential. Citrus, grapefruit, mineral and really good length. Sophisticated with a line of freshness and drive." 17/20

"If the ‘11 Contraste is sunny and exhilarating, this adds the solidity and power, while remaining fresh, pure and bright. It has oak, but it seems so fresh that I can taste the tank. It ends with a gripping finish. The ‘10 may brood a bit more, but this may well be the best wine here and I’ll be interested to see how it ages. It combines that youthful exuberance with fine depth and solidity. Drink now-2019."Wine Advocate 93 points

"This rich, wood-aged wine is balanced and stylish. It shows the great potential for white wine in the Douro, with its panoply of flavors ranging from creamed apple to white peach, with a hint of herb. It’s a fruity offering that will age for at least 3–4 years."Wine Enthusiast 90 points

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