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Clua Mas d'En Pol Blanca 2016 Product #32121 (In Stock)
Clua Mas d'En Pol Blanca 2016 Clua Mas d'En Pol Blanca 2016

Xavier Clua crafts this vivid white from Grenache Blanc, Chardonnay and a dash of Sauvignon Blanc grown in the rocky, hard-to-work, vineyards of Terra Alta.  Fermented cool in tank and bottled without ever touching a barrel, it delivers just the right balance of luscious nectarine and tangy pineapple fruit with hints of lemon grass and lime pith.  Round, generous, and mouthfilling, the real excitement here is on the back palate and finish where a burst of selzer, chalk, and briny mineral emerges under the mouthwatering acidity.  A refreshing white you’ll love sipping on the back deck with nibbles and enjoy even more with shellfish, sausage, or paella.  Just a winner all around.

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Perucchi Vermouth Gran Reserva Red (1 Liter) Product #26213 (In Stock)
Perucchi Vermouth Gran Reserva Red (1 Liter) Perucchi Vermouth Gran Reserva Red (1 Liter)

Vermouth Perucchi has been made in Catalonia since 1886 – but only recently imported into the United States. We think it is a delicious, new (to us) treat at a very fair price!

Perruchi shows bold spice aromas of fresh gingerbread, autumn woods and tobacco followed by delectably sweet flavors of black cherry compote macerated in ruby port, finishing with a pleasant, balancing bitter herb note. Though this would certainly be fantastic in a classic Manhattan, the flavors are so wonderful it begs to be savored. Try it on the rocks with a splash of seltzer and a wedge of orange as an aperitif or at the end of dinner, neat, with a wedge of blue cheese garnished with Membrillo or fig jam and Marcona almonds.

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