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Villa Jolanda Prosecco Product #22192 (In Stock)
Villa Jolanda Prosecco Villa Jolanda Prosecco

Villa Jolanda Prosecco is made from 100% Prosecco grapes grown in the hills north of Treviso.  Grapes are hand-harvested, chilled in the vineyard, and given a low-temperature fermentation in stainless steel tanks to preserve freshness and fruit.  The wine features lovely aromas of white flowers, orchard fruits, and a touch of mineral.  Lightly sparkling with very pretty, small, bubbles, the wine is full of flavor - peach, ripe apple, lemon zest, and a nice mineral streak.  Fruity and crisp, the wine finishes with a touch of mineral and yellow apple.  A fantastic wine to keep on hand for everyday celebrations or to stock up on for Holiday parties.  Delicious!

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Volpetti Cesanese 2015 Product #31710 (In Stock)
Volpetti Cesanese 2015 Volpetti Cesanese 2015

Even bigger, bolder, more fruit filled, and even more delicious than before.  From vineyards around Rome, the Volpetti packs a punch of lush dark damson plum and black cherry fruit with accents of earth and spice.  A short stay in old oak barrels softens the tannins and adds a hint of sweet balsamic.  Drink this a touch cool with pizza margherita, a bowl of pasta in red sauce, or even a big, juicy, burger and you'll be very, very, happy!

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Scarpetta Prosecco Brut NV Product #31419 (In Stock)
Scarpetta Prosecco Brut NV Scarpetta Prosecco Brut NV

If you're writing too many words (or thinking too hard about) Prosecco, then you're probably doing something wrong.  This is the kind of Prosecco Italians drink in the afternoon or during the run up to dinner, a crisp, clean, glass of fizz that enlivens the spirits and whets the appetite.  Ripe peach and pear fruit hold center stage with a spice note adding interest.  Fruity, frothy, fun.

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Marramiero Montepulciano d'Abruzzo Da Ma 2014 Product #31288 (In Stock)
Marramiero Montepulciano d'Abruzzo Da Ma 2014 Marramiero Montepulciano d'Abruzzo Da Ma 2014

If you’ve enjoyed Villa Medoro’s Tre Bicchieri Montepulciano, then Da Ma is definetly a wine you’ll want to try.  Made from Montepulciano grown on different sites from across the DOC zone, this is a terrific example of how Montepulciano can be both ripe and fresh at the same time.  It’s very fragrant with aromas of smoke, leather, and a touch of something earthy over ripe blackberry fruit.  Then big and mouthfilling and generous flavors of juicy blackberry, raspberry, cherry and even some strawberry and a touch more leather and smoke.  The fine, soft, tannins give this enough structure to stand up to meat but it’s a pretty delectable sipper, too.

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Gavalas Assyrtiko Santorini 2016 Product #31869 (In Stock)
Gavalas Assyrtiko Santorini 2016 Gavalas Assyrtiko Santorini 2016

From the volcanic soils of the island of Santorini, Greece, this Assyirtico has a bit more richness and roundness than most examples, but still plenty of lemon/lime fruit and layers of seashell and salty mineral.  A rich note of lemon curd comes up in the mid-palate for complexity.  A crisp, refreshing, quaffer for everyday sipping, but this will really shine with shellfish or olives!

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