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Vajra Langhe Rosso 2014 Product #32631 (In Stock)
Vajra Langhe Rosso 2014 Vajra Langhe Rosso 2014

The Vajra family sum up the charm of this delicious, light, red perfectly:  “Our Langhe Rosso is a hug from Piedmont. It’s an invitation to explore its different varieties and to get to know its personality. From young vineyards, it is a fruity delicately complex wine: an ideal companion at the table.”  In 2014, it’s an insanely delicious blend of Piemonte Nebbiolo, Dolcetto, and Barbera with small amounts of Albarossa, Freisa and Pinot Noir. As Isadoro Vajra says:

“The best match is the one where each player contributes his own talents to the game. That’s why when I think about Langhe Rosso I imagine a soccer team! Nebbiolo is the team captain, it emerges for its structure and elegance. Barbera has got personality and enthusiasm, while Dolcetto supports the team with its fruit and freshness. Freisa….is like Gattuso…decisive, but never let’s down the guard. Albarossa is the goalkeeper: even though we do not notice him, without him you cannot play. And then Pinot, the playmaker: capable and quick, a real expert in dribbling, who, with his style, brings adrenaline to the match. All together they are a dream team.”  I can’t vouch for the soccer analogy but the wine is darn delicious right now!

"A light-bodied style, this cherry-, strawberry- and floral-flavored red is balanced, energetic and mouthwatering. Long and resonant on the finish, with a chalky feel."Wine Spectator 90 points

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Osel Ruche Monferrato 2011 Product #28190 (In Stock)
Osel Ruche Monferrato 2011 Osel Ruche Monferrato 2011

You may never have heard of Ruche, but if you like aromatic grapes like Pinot Noir, and are searching for something that will sing with everything from Indian food to pizza, you've found your new best friend.  A traditional grape from Italy's Piedmont region, this is a soft, easygoing red with intriguing aromas of cherry, plum, lavendar, and floral notes.  Delicious and unique.

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La Mondianese Grignolino d' Asti 2015 Product #31635 (In Stock)
La Mondianese Grignolino d' Asti 2015 La Mondianese Grignolino d' Asti 2015

What is Grignolino?  A red wine grape from Piemonte, Italy, where the root name – grignole – means “many pips”, referring to the many seeds found in this rarely seen grape.  It’s prone to being tough and tannic, but not here.  Diane thought this tasted like “Pinot Noir and Sangiovese had a baby”, and there's definitely something to that.  In any event, it’s a lightly colored and textured wine that opens with aromas of sweet cherry, red berries, and a hint of lavender.  In the mouth the fruit is bright and juicy and a touch of earthiness comes up at the end.  Light enough to drink with fish or to take a chill for solo sipping.

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Boschis Francesco Grignolino Piemonte 2016 Product #32582 (In Stock)
Boschis Francesco Grignolino Piemonte 2016 Boschis Francesco Grignolino Piemonte 2016

This top Dogliani Dolcetto producer makes a tiny bit of light, fresh, utterly delicious Grignolino - and it's supreme fun in 2016!  The grape is native to Piemonte and gets its name from the many seeds - to control all that seed tannin, Grignolino is always fermented gently and with little color extraction.  Super-ripe cherry and strawberry fruit at the core with hints of cranberry and licorice and a supple, grippy, finish. A great treat with holiday meals - try it for Christmas and Thanksgiving!

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Il Falchetto Brachetto d'Acqui 2016 Product #31932 (In Stock)
Il Falchetto Brachetto d'Acqui 2016 Il Falchetto Brachetto d'Acqui 2016

If you're a fan of Fracchia Voulet, this is your "special occasion" wine.  And, if you think lightly sparkling, sweet, red wine sounds odd, then you just haven't tried a beauty like this!  A traditional wine in Italy's Piemonte region, this comes from 100% Brachetto grapes, harvested early in the season, soaked for 2 days to extract color, and then fermented in tank to a low alcohol level.  Brachetto's high acidity cuts through the sweet raspberry, strawberry, and rose petal flavors and the note of dark chocolate adds complexity and depth.  It's beautiful in the glass, at once rich and refreshing on the palate, and a perfect wine to sip ice cold by itself or with chocolate-covered strawberries or raspberries.

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