St Kilda Chardonnay Southeastern Australia 2016Product #32033

St Kilda Chardonnay Southeastern Australia 2016
Color/Type White
Country/State Australia
Email Wines Q2 2017 (April-june)
Price Under $10
Price $10 - $30
Producer St Kilda
Region Other Australia
Varietal Chardonnay
Vintage 2016

St. Kilda Chardonnay pretty much exacly what you hope for (but don't often get) in a fine value Chardonnay: refreshing, fruit filled, and balanced.  Take a sniff and enjoy the aromas of ripe pineapple and golden delicious apple. Take a sip and enjoy those same ripe fruit flavors along with just a hint of oak, just enough to round out the flavors and add a hint of nutty complexity; just enough to make the wine really say “Chardonnay” and not “anonymous cheap white wine.”

It finishes fresh and mouthwateringly clean, with just a touch of juicy apple flavor lingering on your palate. If you’ve got a crowd descending on your house for a Mothers’ Day, graduation, or upcoming Fathers’ Day gathering, this is a wine to stock up on a case or two. You’ll have it to pull out any time you need something to serve at a party or just crack open at the end of a long day.

Wine Currently Not Available

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